Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Your House

If you spot bed bugs in your carpet, acting fast can stop an infestation before it starts. If you suspect that your carpet may be hosting some bed bugs, here are some recommendations:

Finding Bed Bugs

Bed bugs excel at hiding, and finding their nest can be difficult, especially in daytime hours. This is one of the major challenges when attempting to kill bed bugs at home. If your pest controller fails to kill all bed bugs, eggs included, the infestation will rebound fairly quickly. Bed bugs tend to nest in nearly inaccessible areas such as the gaps behind your baseboards or the hairline cracks in wood paneling.

Even if you have found bed bugs in your carpet, it is unlikely that bed bugs are actually nesting there. While they may wander through your carpet seeing new forages, bed bugs do not need to nest across a large area. Bed bugs tend to prefer to cram inside tiny wall spaces, which could also include the gap area between your carpet and the wall. Bed bugs look for tiny places where they can hide their eggs and nymphs away for protection. Getting bed bugs out of your carpet is part of whole-house bed bug removal services. Killing them all is necessary to ensure that you will never encounter them in your home again.

Bedroom after bed bug extermination


Prepping For Bed Bug Removal

Should you find bed bugs in your carpet, act quickly. Contact a bed bug removal team. If you need a bed bug removal team, check out this bed bug extermination team in Reno.

Before the bed bug exterminators arrive, prep your room for bed bug extermination. Killing bed bugs is not like killing other pests like roaches and flies. Bed bug exterminators need to be extremely thorough.

First, clear the room where you found the bed bugs and move out all bedding, furniture, and clothing. Your carpet will likely be the last place requiring treatment, and your exterminator will likely need to check for bed bugs inside your mattress, chairs, walls, and closets to find the most likely harborage areas for these bugs. Launder all clothing stored in the room, and store anything that cannot be washed and dried inside airtight bags. If possible, store those items outside in sealed outdoor storage equipment to keep the bed bugs from getting back inside.


Bedroom after bed bug control


Should You Attempt a DIY Bed Bug Extermination?

You can attempt to perform your own DIY bed bug intervention to save money on bed bug extermination costs, but you will not have guaranteed results. While there are some well-known DIY bed bug removal techniques, these techniques fail to kill bed bug eggs or larvae, and you will be retreating your bed bug problem monthly.

Steam cleaning your carpet and bedding can be fairly effective at killing the bed bugs that you find, and is probably the best of the DIY fixes. However, direct steam cleaning will only kill the bed bugs you find.

Professional Bed Bug Extermination

The fastest and easiest way for getting bed bugs out of your carpet is to call a professional exterminator today. Specialized professional heat treatment systems will thoroughly kill all bed bugs at all stages of the bed bug lifecycle for a thorough treatment that really works. Click here for the best bed bug heat treatments in Reno, Nevada.